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Medically Guided Weight Loss Program

My HCG Weight Loss program has been very successful for helping people to lose weight.  I've been offering the program for over 9 years now and it has helped jumpstart a healthier way of eating for people.

The program is based on Dr. A.T.W. Simeon's Pounds & Inches protocol and is divided into 3 phases:  Weight Loss Phase, Maintenance Phase, and Carbohydrate Reintroduction.  The Weight Loss Phase lasts 3 to 8 weeks and involves a daily regimen of HCG and a very strict diet.  The Maintenance Phase lasts 3 weeks and also involves dietary changes.  The Carbohydrate Reintroduction phase lasts 3 weeks. This program is a minimum 9 week commitment, but for most people the full program is 12-14 weeks.

HCG can be prescribed as injection, cream, lozenges (or troches), sublingual drops or nasal spray.  My preference is for the injectable or cream- I've had the best results with these.

Please call the office (831-422-8858) if you are interested in the HCG Weight Loss Program.