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What I am doing to help deal with Covid 19:

I am limiting the number of people coming into the office

  • I am not accepting new patients at this time
  • I am switching to phone visits for some types of visits
  • I am cancelling in office appointments that can wait
  • I am sterilizing tables, chairs, handles, and bathrooms throughout the day

Anyone coming to the office:

  • Will be asked if they have had fever, new cough, or have been exposed
  • will have access to hand sanitizer and can wash their hands at any time
  • will be asked to keep a distance of 6 feet from me and others if possible
  • will not be offered a handshake or hug

I am not testing for Covid 19, that is being done at our local hospitals.

I am recommending that everyone do the following:

  • Eat nutritious food
  • Rest and catch up on sleep
  • Enjoy time with family
  • Get outdoors:  for exercise, fresh air, and to relieve stress

I am recommending the following basic supplements for helping immune system, these are general recommendations against viruses, not tested against Covid 19

  • Zinc lozenges daily and at the start of any symptoms
  • Vitamin C 3000 mg daily
  • Any other recommendations would be made at an appointment

Dr. Ow running on the beachDr. Lisa Ow, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor,  provides natural medical care for the whole family.  Primarily using nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, hormones, and detoxification, she treats a wide variety of health concerns throughout all stages of life.  Her areas of interest include:  hormone balancing, weight loss, nutrition, and detoxification. 

Location:  115 Cayuga St Ste 200; Salinas, CA 93901

Phone:  (831) 422-8858

Picture of office building