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Most of my patients leave a visit with some sort of diet recommendations, and not just for weight loss.  I do believe that the best medicine we have is our diet.  Your diet can affect so many different aspects of your health.  We think of the obvious things like weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, or constipation.  But your diet also influences your mood, hair/skin/nails, energy, how quickly you recover from cold or flu.

I don't prescribe one diet for everyone.  I try to take the best research, my years of observations, and of course, a patient's symptoms into consideration when I make nutrition recommendations. 

I consider my area of expertise in diet therapy to be low carbohydrate diets.  So if you are someone who would like to start a low carbohydrate diet or are having trouble following a low carbohydrate diet, please schedule an appointment.  This type of diet (or actually lifestyle) is very difficult to follow because we often lack support from family, friends, doctors, and nutritionists.  I personally feel better on a low carbohydrate diet and regularly put myself into nutritional ketosis, while living a very active lifestyle.  I also understand how easy it is to get derailed because of the holidays, a vacation, or cravings.  I have learned many things over the years to help avoid these pitfalls and get back on track!  In 2017 I hope to start a low carb support group so we can help each other succeed.