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Homeopathic Injections

I do offer injections for pain, lymphatic swelling, and boosting the immune system (including for shingles).  The types of pain that I have seen help with:  rheumatoid & osteoarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, neuropathies, headaches, muscle tension, cramping (menstrual & intestinal).

A typical treatment is a set of injections once weekly for 3-4 weeks.  A set of injections may be anywhere from 1-8 injections per week.  Currently cost is anywhere from $20-80 per week, depending on the number of injections I give in a treatment.  I do have some patients that have chronic pain that come to see me monthly for booster treatment.  As long as the injections continue to help with someone's pain, I recommend regular maintenance treatment.

The homeopathic formulas that I use for injection are all natural and do not interfere with medications.  I often see that people can reduce or discontinue pain medications after treatment.  I do not see side effects with these injections, although it is possible for someone to be allergic to an ingredient in the formula.

These injections don't work for everyone, I can't promise a cure, but they are worth a try for anyone struggling with pain.  Often times people report back that while they are still experiencing some pain, the level of pain has reduced to a tolerable level.  My favorite comment is when people tell me that they can sleep through the night again because their pain is no longer waking them up!