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What to Expect

If this is your first visit with a Naturopathic Doctor, you may be curious about what makes it different from a visit with a Medical Doctor.  The main difference is that I will spend much time with you as I try to understand your health problems and how they are related to each other. 

First Office Visit

At this 60 minute visit, I will ask a lot of questions about your past & present health conditions.  I will perform any necessary physical exams and order lab work if it is warranted.  You will leave with an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for your condition. If any supplements are prescribed, I carry many in my office, or they can be purchased elsewhere. 

Return Office Visit

Return visits are typically 30 minutes in length and can be a follow-up to a previous office visit or for established patients to see me for a new health concern. 

For a follow-up visit, I will discuss your health & how it has changed since your last visit.  At this point I may revise your treatment plan, perform physical exam, or order lab work depending on your results.  Initial follow-up visits are usually scheduled 2-4 weeks after the first office visit.  Subsequent  visits are scheduled 1-2 months later, depending on what you are being treated for.

For a new health concern, the visit will be much like the first office visit, with less attention focused on past health.